Sad news of our patron, David Shepherd, CBE

On 20 September 2017 the Surrey-based David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) announced that Shepherd had died, on 19 September, after a 10-week fight in hospital with Parkinson's disease. The charity paid tribute to his devotion to the animals he painted, with chief executive Karen Botha saying, "David’s passion for wildlife and the role of man in its demise infuriated and inspired him. He was dedicated, tenacious and outspoken, a champion of animals and the people who worked to protect them. He will be greatly missed.

DSWF website statement

Help us to protect badgers

Badgers are beautiful creatures that keep themselves to themselves.

Badgers suffer as a result of people's attitudes to them. Thousands are killed by our cars every year. Many are wilfully killed by poisoning and snaring, and the barbaric "sport" of badger baiting still occurs. They are forced to move from their homes as building development increases.

Badger groups countrywide are trying to redress the balance

If you care about these animals:

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    West Surrey Badger Group operates throughout the Western half of the county.

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    We also host workshops and field trips, attend local fairs and events, and give educational talks to schools and other groups.

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